Grey Whiskers Butte

A Limited Edition Print
by photographer Jason Robert O'Kennedy

  1. A black and white photo of an iconic butte at sunrise in Monument Valley Arizona named after the Navajo Medicine Man, Grey Whiskers
    Grey Whiskers Butte: Located prior to the entrance of the beautiful Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park of Arizona.

    About Grey Whiskers Butte

    First publicly shown at the "Monochrome" Exhibit in Middlebury, Vermont at the historic PhotoPlace Gallery, "Grey Whiskers Butte" is now available as a limited edition in two sizes exclusively here at the Retratos de Arissona website.

    Each gicleé is printed by Jason during a single production run to maintain consistent quality across the edition; the run will be a total limit of 36 prints; 20 at 10"x20", hand-singed by Jason as 1/20 thru 20/20 (registrar #370060 thru #370079); 10 at 16"x30", hand-signed as 1/10 thru 10/10 (#370080 thru #370089); 5 10"x20" 'Artist Proofs', hand-signed as E.d'A/5 (#370090 thru #370094); and a single 10"x20" 'Trial Proof' hand-signed as Pd'E/1 which was donated to the family of Mr. Grey Whiskers (#370059).

    The image was created on August 8th, 2018 on a cloudy morning at dawn by Jason - his representation of a historically-named land feature often over-looked by tourists prior to entering the Monument Valley Tribal Park in Northern Arizona. More about the story behind this image and Mr. Grey Whisker can be read at Grey Whiskers Butte and a Medicine Man.

    The Gicleé Edition Print

    Each print produced uses Red River Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300, known for its close similarity to the discontinued Oriental New Seagull G -- which was a favorite of Ansel Adams. This 100% cotton-rag is an archival material that is FOGRA Certified ISO 9706 (paper aging standards) while still offering all the rich tonality, depth, and feel of a traditional wet darkroom fiber paper. It has a lightly textured semigloss surface, which adds depth and an elegant reflectivity to the finished print.

    The prints come mounted using archival-safe mounting corners to a Crescent Museum RagMat board for easy removal without harming the print. The mounting board has a verso opening on the back exposing a mark-of-authenticity which is stamped on the reverse-side of the print. Additionally, double acid-free mats are hinged over the image in accordance with the document, "Hinging of Works of Art on Paper" standardized by the Library of Congress Preservation Program.

    Each edition piece sold comes with a Certificate of Authenticity made of premium deckle edged mould made paper with a watermark and fluorescent security fibres with an added serialized numbered hologram and a second, identically numbered hologram (1 of #370060 thru 370089) is applied to the reverse side of the artwork. The combined certificate and hologram ensures that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to one particular piece which is also registered at the Hahnemüehle Fine Art Registry. Please see the FAQs page for more information about registered certificates.

    Available as a Pre-Order

    Shipping in January, 2023 - If you have any questions, please see the FAQs page or contact Jason directly.

    A 20x10 inch 1 of 20 Edition Print

    Mounted on a 24x20 cotton matboard & double-matted ready for framing.
    $475.00 US

    A 30x16 inch 1 of 10 Edition Print

    Mounted on a 36x24 cotton matboard & double-matted ready for framing.
    $585.00 US